Veronika Appleford Divincova

Veronika is an experienced somatic based practitioner, wellbeing educator and IFS practitioner who believes that everyone has the capacity to access a state of curiosity, courage, playfulness and deep appreciation, to be the wise and compassionate, loving parent to our internal system of parts.

Throughout the IFS process, she will provide safe space and gentle guidance, respecting your pace, so you can welcome all that is present, without judgement. You will be able to bring new depths to the relationship with your internal landscape, to heal, and to start relating to yourself, others and to the world in a more connected way, with a renewed sense of amazement and joy.

Veronika is based in a small village near Edinburgh and enjoys singing, music, yoga and walks in the hills with her husband Mark and their working cocker pup Ceilidh.


IFS Training

  • Level 1 Practitioner training
  • Level 2 Practitioner training (Trauma & Neuroscience)
  • Somatic IFS
  • Unattached burdens
  • Legacy burdens
  • Shame, Anxiety & Depression
  • Sexuality through IFS lens
  • IFS & psychedelics
  • IFS & Ancestral Lineage repair


  • Somatic / body work
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Mind-body practices
  • Coaching
  • Children & Adult education
  • Health and wellbeing


Veronika provides IFS counselling. She doesn’t assess, diagnose, or treat mental health disorders. If you have a mental-health disorder and / or medical need, please seek appropriate clinician in your country.