Our Manifesto

1. Our mission is to leave the world a better place.

One of our heroes and role models, Dr Gabor Mate, once said, “We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.”

In current society, success is primarily driven by productivity and measured by GDP. In our view, such society, motivated by possession, control and production of things, doesn’t provide nurturing conditions for healthy human development. Instead, despite technological progress and advances in the health and nutrition sectors, we see a rise in chronic disease and mental health challenges and, ultimately, disconnection.

We want to experience something different. Our dream is a world which measures its success by respecting the needs of human beings first. By attending to and healing both personal, intergenerational and cultural wounds, allowing children to grow into aware, self-led adults and for human beings to thrive.

Our legacy is to help humans rediscover and create those nurturing conditions within their own internal environment, affecting positive changes in the relationships towards themselves, their spouses and peers, with their children and generations to come. By doing so, with every new generation into the future, the original human blueprint for connection, love, compassion and healing can be fully realised. This way, we essentially change our reality.

2. We live what we offer.

We walk our talk. We embody our values both in our professional and in our personal lives. 

We foster the 8Cs of self-leadership and beyond, including Calm, Connection, Compassion, Creativity, Clarity, Curiosity, Confidence and Courage and Love.

We make time and space for our individual exploration daily, because we value growth and know that this journey never ends.

3. We welcome all parts of us
and believe that we need each other to support our growth.

We embrace an environment that promotes continuous evolution and transformation. Because we know that change can be uncomfortable and take courage, we offer a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone can feel valued and respected as an individual. 

As human beings, we are not designed to live our lives in isolation. The need to feel supported, to be loved unconditionally, to connect, to be heard and to share is part of our genetic makeup. We all get triggered at times, and we recognise the deep meaning in having someone gently holding space when it’s needed.

4. We accept that self care is not a luxury.

We admire the intelligence of the bodymind. We accept that body and mind are not separate, but intrinsically intertwined with each other. We understand the importance of taking care of both. Eating well, exercising and moving, taking the time to check in and to rest; knowing what makes us balanced, and what helps us fill up when we feel depleted up, are some of the things we actively practise.

We strongly advocate for a life-work balance where self-care and attending to our systems, our bodymind, is one of the key elements of how we serve others; how we show up for the world, for our lives and for our purpose in the best possible way.

5. We want to inspire joy and nurture happiness,
gratitude and appreciation.

We believe that our work can both be effective and joyful at the same time. We strive for the best and create an environment designed to elevate, promote happiness and appreciation, so every day, each of us is excited to get out of bed in the morning. 

We believe that colleagues can be friends and we encourage building strong and long lasting relationships.

We celebrate and appreciate everybody’s small and big successes towards growth and towards making our vision a reality.